Haehyuk; Business, Lust And Slight Trust. Intro.

 Title: Haehyuk; Business, Lust And Slight Trust. Intro. -I MIGHT CHANGE IT!
Pairing: HaeHyuk,
Rating: PG-13?
Genre: Action, Romance, Angst
Chapter: 1/?
Summary: Lee Hyukjae could get just about anything he wanted, His father owned SMent. But, what happens when some certain people start to come after him because of his dad? What about when he happenes to have an attractive a body guard that he thought had a simple crush on but grows to come thing more? What about when his body guard is there just for business? Emotions clash, friendships break and hearts are broken.
Sorry I suck at summarys this alone took me like 10 minutes =.= ><
Warnings: Swearing?

Please forgive me, this is my frist story and i'm not to sure how to fill these out ><

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"Are you coming or what!?" The very feminine man snapped.
"I don’t have to listen to you!" Hyukjae rather known as Eunhyuk snapped back.
"If you don’t listen to me, you're dead." The older countered.
"Yeah right!?" Eunhyuk said honestly not caring.
"Listen kid, your fucking life is on the line. You have about three guys coming after you now get off your ass and run!"
"Why should I believe you! I don’t even know your name!" Eunhyuk repiled.
"Kim Heechul, know get up or I’ll make you!"
With a rather loud sigh Eunhyuk stood up.
Heechul pulled Eunhyuk’s hand and ran out of the room.

Eunhyuk and Heechul had already ran down three and a half hallways, when Heechul muttered "shit" as someone came out of no-where and threw a hit at Heechul.
Skillfully Heechul quickly dodged the punch and looked up to see who had hit him.
"Hyukjae! I've been ordered by your dad to protect you!"
The same man that tried to hit Heechul exclaimed with a worried expression .
Being extreamly confused, Eunhyuk took a step back, backing away from Heechul.


"Send in backup"

"Hyukjae." Heechul said in a warning tone.
"How come my father has never told me about any of you!?” Eunhyuk yelled.
"Because he’s trying to kill you!" The unknown man shouted.
"Me!?" Heechul screeched.
"Stop it!" Eunhyuk yelled.
"Hyukjae come with me!"
"Hyukjae this gu-" Before Heechul could even finish what he was trying to say, he was grabbed from behind.
"Park Jungsoo you'll pay for this!!" Heechul yelled while trying to wiggle his way out of the tight grip he was in.
Eunhyuk’s dark eyes widened. "Come on Hyukjae. He's the bad guy. I bet I know more about you than he does!" Jungsoo said.
"Yeah fuc-" Heechul trailed off when he heard a peircing loud bang,
all heads turned to see, yet another guy who this time was slightly built.
"Let him go." He said in a low voice looking at Heechul.
Heechul simply smirked.
The new unknown man pointed a gun right at Heechul.
"I’ll do it, and you know it." He said.
"You know I can’t." Heechul countered.
"What the hell is going on!!" Eunhyuk screamed scared.
Soon four other men walked down the hall and moved to block Eunhyuk from going forward.
"Hyukjae run!" Heechul screamed.
Eunhyuk did as he was told.
He ran down the Opposite hall slipping right past Heechul and the man holding him.
A bang as loud as the last one bounced off the walls.
Eunhyuk almost stopped but he heard footsteps coming closer and closer.
Eunhyuk wasn’t too sure where he was going all he knew was he needed out of here.
Yet another bang was sounded off the walls but this time a scream was added.
A blood curling scream.
By now Eunhyuk had run down at least for long hallways,
luckily the footsteps stopped.
He looked behind himself and sure enough they weren’t there.
Eunhyuk, let out a breath and put his hands on his knees.
His head hurt and he was very confused, angry, and he felt another emotion that he couldn’t quiet explain.
"Hyukjae" He heard a bone chilling voice.
Eunhyuk's head shot up too see Park Jungsoo.
"Please kill me" Eunhyuk muttered under his breath.
"Hyukjae just come with me." Jungsoo begged.
Eunhyuk was so tired of running, he was tired of feeling empty and most of all her really didn’t give a damn anymore.
"Sure, whatever" He whispered walking over to the older man.     

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